Latest Abominations

Uh… Pssst… Behind You

Uh… Pssst… Behind You

I don’t mean to state the obvious, but uh, dude, there’s a naked guy behind you. And by the looks of it, he should probably have that mole checked out too. Just sayin’.

Fish Story

Fish Story

Look, Steve, I don’t care if you did catch a fish that big, no one gives a flying fuck. Damn. And quit playing with your suspenders. You look like a homeless version of my dad.

Tough Guy Fanny Pack

Tough Guy Fanny Pack

So this photo was actually just fine. I was going to pass it by without a second thought until… wait a minute… is that!?… No, it couldn’t be. That dude’s got a fanny pack on!? WTF!?

Green Screen Much

Green Screen Much

I love that the couch in this “photo” is draped with a clothe of some sort, so, you know, it’s protected from the grime and filth of the overall scene this photo portrays. And the Photoshop master that handled the HDRizing and color changes with this one must have been quite the hurry.

More Killer Band Photos

Casual Nuclear Explosion

To be quite honest, if there were any sort of explosion the size of which we see here, the last thing I’m going to do is remain calm. The first thing, however, would be to shit my pants.

Too Many Hands

There are three things about this “band” photo that confuse me. 1) Why so many hands and who do they belong to. 2) Is there a new mime-core sub-genre that I’m not aware of? 3) And did the dude corpsepaint his moustache!?

Metal Pajama Party!?

I’m not sure what’s going on in this particular band photo, but I hope to all things unholy that it’s a Halloween party and not some bizarro plushy get together.

Awesomely Bad Videos

Magica “Wait for me”

Aw yeah. Shitty ass gothic music and purse snatchers. This has got to be one of the worst videos of all time.

The Demonstration “Bad Romance”

Plenty of metal bands have cover pop tunes as either a joke or just shits and giggles, but few actually put out a video of themselves actually performing it. Pop and crappy deathcore together as one. Yay.

You Fail At Album Covers

Future Juggalo of Doom

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but it scares me. The designer/artist appears to ahve some skills in Photoshop, but the execution could be a little better. And what’s up with the teddy bear?

Copy/Paste, Copy/Paste…

At some point in the creation of an album cover (especially in a digital medium) there comes a time when you just need to STOP FUCKING ADDING SHIT TO THE LAYOUT. I mean, really, does anything on this cover remotely make any sense or have any bearing on the many other items contained within?